Money Minders

Are you having a difficult time getting your bills paid on time?

Do you need help balancing your checkbook?

Could you use assistance in setting up a budget?

 Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s Money Minders program matches trained, insured, volunteers with consumers needing assistance in establishing a monthly budget, paying bills and reviewing monthly statements in a timely and accurate manner. Money Minders is a service for persons 55 years and older who meet income and asset guidelines. For those meeting the requirements, the service is free of charge.

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to give consumers help with these types of financial matters so that they can continue to live independently. Help is provided in the least intrusive way to preserve client dignity and privacy, and there are program safeguards that will protect the client’s money, the volunteer, and the sponsoring agency.

How Does Money Minders Work

Trained volunteers help consumers sort bills, establish a budget and prepare (but not sign) checks to pay their monthly expenses. Our volunteers meet with consumers to assist them with their bills. These volunteers do not exercise control over any client’s funds, and all transactions are made from a single designated account.


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