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February is here and we want our most enthusiastic and passionate Furry Friends Food Bank (FFFB) supporters to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with us! We are kicking off our annual Paws for a Cause campaign in hopes of reaching our $13,000 goal by February 20th - Love Your Pet Day.

Much of what FFFB is, has to do with love. At its heart – FFFB is about preserving the loving connection between a pet and their owner, volunteers giving their time and energy because they love animals and our mission, and committed donors who show love with financial support.

There is no better time to kick off this campaign than a month devoted to love, caring, and kindness! With that theme in mind, here are some impact numbers to show how much of a difference the FFFB makes on our community, and our donation form for you to help us get to our goal. Also be sure to scroll down and read about our long-time volunteer, Robin Estey, who has been on the program as well as gives back by donating her time to the cause. She speaks firsthand about what this program means to its recipients:

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Robin Estey

Furry Friends Foodbank Volunteer

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“I've been working with Furry Friends Food Bank for five and a half years. I initially came in to get help for my cats. At the time I didn’t have a lot of income, so getting that monthly pet kit made a big difference for me. After a while, they asked me if I wanted to volunteer and it was an easy decision. I wanted to do something to help people, and having seen how great the program was to me, I knew that my work would make an impact on a lot of community members.

As a volunteer I’ve seen firsthand how grateful people are, but also the kind of need there is. One consumer said that they lacked money for food for their pets, while another told me they lived in their car with their cat. A third remarked to me (after getting their kit) “well, my dogs can eat now.” These are examples of what we hear daily from our community, and it’s proof of how important this program is.

Receiving a donation from you is so crucial for us. We rely solely on donations and grants and receive no federal or state aid. I can say confidently that if FFFB wasn’t around, many people or pets would be forced to go without food, or some would even have to give up their pets completely. A lot of our consumers live alone and have friends and family who moved away, so socialization with their pets is so important. Not only would giving up a pet be heartbreaking for them but it may severely impact their physical and mental well-being.

I ask you to consider giving today. As someone who has been a part of this program as both a consumer and a volunteer, I guarantee that your donation will make a difference for many in need.”