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Meals on Wheels is one of the most impactful nationally recognized
programs in the United States. Between congregate dining and home-
delivered meals, Meals on Wheels of America serves over 2.3 million
people every year.

Locally here in the state of Maine, which demographically has the
highest median age in the country, the demand remains high, and
through Eastern Area Agency on Aging, we do our best to meet that
demand in Penobscot, Piscataquis, Washington, and Hancock
counties.  In 2023 – we served 215,684 home-delivered meals to
community members in need.


In 2023 - we served 215,684
home-delivered meals

However, in 2024 due to the rising costs of food and the continued
threat of federal funding, this necessary program continues to assist
more and more people. For the first time since before the Pandemic,
we have had to institute a waitlist. That means 40 Mainers and
counting, not getting the nutrition they so desperately need.
That is why we’re calling on our community to help us Save the Lunch
for hundreds and thousands of our friends, family, and neighbors by
making a donation today and helping us with critical funding to reduce
our waitlist and help feed those who need it the most.

I live in Westlake in Washington County, where I worked as a CAN for 20 years before retiring at 61. I have been married now for 30 years and I currently live alone because my husband is in long-term care.

Before my husband went into the nursing home, we were getting nutrition assistance and had over $400 budgeted for food, however, once the pandemic ended and they stopped the assistance, it went down to $100 per month and most recently due to inflation, I only have $80 a month to spend on food.

In August, I broke my hip and I couldn’t go grocery shopping, so between being homebound and my income, my daughter enrolled me in the Meals on Wheels program with Eastern Area Agency on Aging, and it was such a relief. Just to have food in the house, and be able to eat a meal that has meat is a gift. Most of the time, what I eat, I get from Meals on Wheels. On my income, I can only afford so much food to go along with our bills.

The interaction I get with my MOW drive is amazing. I've never been alone in my life. I used to sit and watch TV, just to keep my mind occupied. But I had to disconnect that because it was too expensive, and the silence was so loud. So, having that delivery to look forward to, and having another human to talk to and interact with was so nice.

I appreciate Eastern Area Agency on Aging because they have helped me so much in other ways besides MOW. I’m living here alone, and I can't rely on my husband if something goes wrong in the house or for any other reason. I now have the info of community partners if I need anything. It’s so much more than just Meals on Wheels. Before I learned about the agency, I wouldn't have been able to survive.

Now, I don't have any stress anymore. I know I can get the help. that I need.

Marie Seavey

Washington County

I’m over 96 years old, and I've lived in Vanceboro all my life except for two hitches in the Navy. I’ve worked a lot of different jobs, but my family now owns the grocery store that I first worked at in 1952. My wife died two years ago but we were married for 71 years and I don’t how she put up with me all those years.

I’ve been on Meals on Wheels for a couple of years, and they come every couple of weeks with the meals and it’s a big help. I don’t drive much now and if my sons aren’t around to get me the groceries I need, these make a big difference.

I don’t have a lot of extra money to buy groceries or things, I have all I need but having those meals helps with the bottom line. Having a little extra room each month, and knowing that I have meals taken care of is a really big help.

The volunteer that delivers is a really nice fella, he always checks on me and helps me put food away when my sons aren’t able to come over. I don’t walk real well, so having someone come in can help put away the meals, and if I have anything else that can be done quickly around the house, they offer to do it.

This program is a big help for people. The people who deliver as well as the agency take good care of me. I am always asked how I’m doing, and what I need help with and am taken good care of. I am really happy with Meals on Wheels and Eastern Area Agency on Aging.  

the knee and that sounds great. I you know what? I'll have to take you up on that. Hollis, thank you so much for that offer. Yeah, okay. All right. Have a great day.

Hollis Beers

Washington County