Veterans Directed Care (VDC)

VDC is a self-directed home care support program for Veterans. VDC is designed to assist a Veteran in directing services and supports while they continue to live in their own home.  The program is provided in collaboration with the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Togus VA Medical Center.

To be eligible for VDC a veteran must:

  • Be enrolled with the VA Medical Center at Togus
  • Have a VA primary care provider
  • Meet the eligibility criteria set by the VA at Togus
  • Need nursing home level services
  • Have the VA send EAAA a referral and authorization

In the VDC Program, Self -Direction means you decide what supports and services you need:

  • What you need
  • When they will be provided
  • Who provides them
  • Where they are provided
  • How they are provided

With Self-Direction, you:

  • Are in control of your life and how and you live it
  • Get support with what you need in the way you need it
  • Make choices about your services and supports
  • Hire the people you want to provide your services and supports
  • Can stay in your home and community

Self-Direction also means:

  • A budget is set up for you to use to hire workers and buy supports and goods, according to the plan you create.
  • You are responsible for following the VIP Program rules.
  • You are the employer of your support workers. You recruit, interview, train, supervise and evaluate these workers.

Self-direction does not mean having to do things by yourself:

  • You will have a Care Advisor from Eastern Area Agency on Aging to help you create a care plan and learn to be an employer.
  • A Financial Management Service will handle your employer paperwork; pay your workers and your taxes.
  • You may appoint a Representative (family or friend) to help you make decisions.
  • You must let someone know when you need help with the program….so you will receive the help you need.



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